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I have seen the raw chapter of Vk 89 and my thoughts were like ...WOW!

I mean I"ve dreamt about it and have read fanfics about it but I never expect it to actually happened....Yuki and Kaname had sex!

Now, as a Yume fan and probably other Yume fans out there are estatic on what had happened. As for those who are Zeki fans are probably livid on what happened especially after the last chapter in November when Yuki decide to erase Zero's memeories of her. This chapter was the final nail on the coffin for Zeki fans and some probably more have decided not to finish the rest of the series even thought we have 10 more chapters until the end of the series.

Now, I don't blame them, I mean if was the other way around, Yume fans would have probably stop reading it, too, probably myself included. Now, we including myself as a Yume fan should not get too carried away with this since we don't know the outcome on how this is going to be. Would kaname leave her again and fulfill when he intended to do or would they stay together and pretend that none of this ever happened (from ch.67-88).

Now this is my opinion on the whole sex scene, I'm thinking that it's more emotional than regular sex. I mean it's not like they flirted with each other then did it. This to me was more of emotion because emotional sex are usually two people doing it when they have inner conflict, insecurities or physical or emotional limitation about themselves.I mean I'm happy but for some reason I feel like this might not end well. But what do I know, I'm not the author.

Til I write again.

Vampire Knight 82

A new update on Vampire Knight. The new chapter 82.

It's intriguing, exciting, heartstopping and emotional.



Next month include 40 pgs !!!!!!! Can't wait ^_^!

VK Chapter 81

Vampire Knight 81 is out and about!


English Translation:

This chapter was quite a shocker even though I knew it was going to happen one way or another.

VK Ch.79 Full Raw

Just up now with the new chapie of VK 79. Full and ready!


Do Enjoy!

New raw Chapter of ROD!


We have a new character with a geass power who has something plan and C.C. explains to the gang about geass and the pendant that Sir Dash wants.


Raw- VK 78

New Chapter of VK 78 raw. A early christmas for all!


A Merry Christmas to you all ^_^*


Sagakure was kind of enough to post up a summary to tell us what happened in this chapter.


Once again, Merry Christmas O_^!

Code geass Renya of darkness 13 raw

Code geass Renya of darkness 13 raw


Once again, Lulu looks extremely DASHing ^_^!

77 VK Raw!

VK Ch. 77 raw is out!


Sara is a bitch all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chibi Kaname and Takuma. Chibi ^_^!

Yuki took away tacky @$$ blood tablets, but got bit by two noble vampire. I would hate to see what would happened if Kaname was there.

As always Zero comes to her rescue

Hanadagi's servant in a maid outfit as and is serving that lesbian w***e!

Sara tells Zero a little secret. Bitch!

Beautiful picture of Kalulu!

For the Code Geass 2012 calendar, it been posted of some of its picture.

My ultimate favorite is Lelouch in his Emperor outfit caressing Kallen who has the same outfit as Lelouch but in red which I call her the 'Red Lotus Empress'.

It is the most beautiful picture ever because I've always wonder what would Kallen wear if she became Lelouch's empress. :)

Until then,
See ya! :)