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Happy Halloween, everybody.

Though it's kind of weird to see snow the ground since it snowed Saturday and it's October. Weird,huh especially during this time of the month.

New Chap of VK and Birthday Celebration

Good news.....The new chapter of Vampire Knight has been posted and it's in English.

VK Ch.76Collapse )
Plus today is my 22nd b-day! Congrats to me!

Vampire Knight 76 raw

Brand new chapter of VK 76

VK 76 RawCollapse )

Looks interseting. Can't wait 4 it 2 be translate.

til then.

Vampire knight ch. 75 raw and summary


A new chapter of Vampire Knight has been unleashed after a long painful month of waiting. Even though the raw chapter is in Chinese at the moment, hopefully it will be translated by the wonderful sagakure who have return to us after a year long absent.

I find this chapter intriguing and exciting yet heart-wrenching as I look at the pictures of this chapter. Well I like so many others can't wait until this come out in English translation.

Until then,
See ya!

Sorry I've haven't been posting any of the new VK issuse for a couple of months now since my internet is down and I'm using the library computer to do this so, any way here are some of the chapters that have been missed

Vampire Knight Chapter 71
The New Night ClassroomCollapse )

Vampire Knight Chapter 72
The Taste of Blood TabletsCollapse )

Well, that's all I have time for and hopefully my internet is back up before the next chapter is out.

Until then,
See Ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vk 71 Raw

Raw Chapter of Vampire Knight 71

Vampire Knight 71 RawCollapse )

Vampire Knight Night 70 - Collaborators

New update of Vampire Knight night 70.

CollaboratorsCollapse )

Our story begins with.....

Yuki walks the streets questioning people on the whereabouts of the vampire who got away from Zero the night before, meanwhile people are noticing that the streets are getting dangerous. Yuki heads into a vampire only bar and shows the bartender a poorly hand-drawn picture of the suspect and he makes fun of her drawing. She asks the bartender about a rumour of a man kidnapping children, the suspect stands up identifying himself, when he realises she is a pureblood vampire, he makes a run for it, Yuuki slings her handbag and hits him in the head causing him to fall, as she laments that she hit him too hard, leaning over her unconscious target, she notices and greets Zero who leans against the wall of the bar. Zero tells her that she went after his prey, she snaps back that Zero let him get away but mentally asks if Zero is ok. Zero comments how a lot of trouble has stirred up quickly and that Yuki should realise it is Kaname's fault. He walks away and tells her to have her bodyguard hunter take the suspect.

Shiki directs Rima's attention to a troubled model, who was scared by a man who followed her and told her she was unappetizing. Shiki notes that troubles have increased and that the nobles should be watching out for that. Rima says that Kaname is scarier to the nobles and they're worried because they don't know his motive and the other purebloods are just looking on and that it must be tough for Yuki.

Maria's parents recieve a notice via the Hunter's association from Yuki Kuran, her father asks what kind of person Yuki was and Maria recalls that Yuki was easy to talk to and always with Zero. To their surprise, Yuki arrives to talk to Maria, asking if Maria remembers her. The vampires discuss Yuki's letter and think its impossible for her to take Kaname's place. Shiki and Rima complete their modelling shoot when Yuki arrives and she thinks she is going to do something that Zero will hate.

Zero talks to Kaien at the Hunter Association headquarters, he questions Yuki being able to freely come and go and then asks if Kaien is using her as bait to lure out Kaname and says Kaien should just send Yuki to find Kaname because Yuki is an eyesore. Kaien says that Yuki will not go after Kaname as she has something else to do (protect the agreement between hunters and vampires), Zero asks what can she do alone and Kaien implies that she is not alone. Yuki comes in with a request and Zero leaves.

Zero visits Aido who is forlornly sit in his cell. Aido asks him what he wants, Zero says he came to tell him that Yuki is up to something. Aido instead thinks that Zero is taunting him wanting to see Aido consumed by hatred for Kaname and Yuki, Aido says he refuses to become like Zero no matter how difficult it is, but he is troubled by having dark thoughts.

Yuki tells the vampire nobles she wishes to reunite the Night class because she alone cannot protect the agreement between the vampires and hunters. The vampires says as a pureblood, she doesn't need to ask them for permission, Yuki disagrees and says she wants their cooperation. She wants the Night class to be her comrades who protect the agreement with her and that she wants to make allies of the nobles too. The vampires express concern about Kaname and then note that Yuki has no comrades. Shiki and Rima arrive to disagree and state they are going to collaborate. However upon realising that Aido was not joining them, they declare they cannot trust Yuki not to use her pureblood powers to control her. Aido enters and says that she will not do something like that and that he believes in her and asks them to cooperate.

Sara is amused as she reads a letter that requests Takuma to be head of the Night Class since Kaname is no longer around, she smiles and states that she wants to go the Night Class too with her adorable servants.

Resources found @ this websiteCollapse )

My opinion about this chapter is that we are able to see the reinstallment of the night class once again, but the question is what will be the main outcome to this development.

Let's hope it turn out for the best.

Until then,
See Ya ^_^!

Vampire Knight 70 raws


Vampire Knight Chapter 70 Raw is here and now.
VK 70 RawCollapse )

See Ya!!

Vampire Knight 69 - I Am Yuki Kuran

New chapter of vampire knight is here!

I Am Yuki KuranCollapse )

  • Yuki is interrogated by Kaien, but she knows nothing.
  • Zero goes hunting with Kaito and saves a little girl, but the vampire gets away.
  • Yuki promises Aido she will take responsibility to find out why Kaname killed his father.
  • Yuki absorbs the memories of the catatonic girl and wakens her.
  • Yuki gets permission from Kaien to hunt down the vampire that escaped Zero.

Next issuse come out in March 24th.

Until next time
See ya ^_^!

Vampire Knight 68 - "Why?"

The chapter for Vampire Knight Chapter 68 has just been recently posted.

"Why?"Collapse )

I like how this chapter was titled. It tells why everything has happened in the previous chapter. It was a well made chapter, yet with only a couple of mistakes on the translation

I truly feel sorry for Hanabusa. Seeing what had happened to his father and right in front of him was devasting and possibly terrifying for him to see his father being killed like that. It would be very hard to see him the same way again.

Yuuki on the other hand is wondering why Kaname would do such a thing. She follow in hesiate to find Kaname and ask him why he would do such a thing but she was stopped by her adopted father, Kaien Cross who realize that Yuuki's relationship with Kaname isn't what it use to be back when they were still in school.

Yuuki in hysterica and confuse upon what happened and feeling unleash one of her pureblood power and become.....
A BUTTERFLY WITH BLOODY WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cross had to calm her down and then took her to the Hunter assosication in custody because she's Kaname's fiancee. Back in the Hunter's place, word came in that Kaname is temporaily label as a dangerous vampire.

The next chapter is going to have color pages and possibly another encounter with Zero and Yuuki.

Until then,
See Ya!

I Eat Soul has posted up the other (less mistaky) version of this chapter:
Other Version of "Why?"Collapse )